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Prayer for our nation

Thank You ...

... for praying with us. This page has some resources to help with praying for an hour once you have signed up for a slot. If you have yet to do so, please sign up fro a slot by clicking here. AS a reminder, over the 24 hours, our prayer focusses are asking God:

  • To have mercy on our nation. All people, all nations, fall short of the glory of God, and we want our nation to know the mercy of God, especially at such a time as this.
  • To protect, bless and proper our nation. He holds all of time in his hands, and we invite him to act for the good of his creation, which include our nation.
  • To give our government (at every level) wisdom and the ability to act on that wisdom.
  • For good and for goodness to thrive and prosper.
  • For all involved in the fight against covid-19 to have supernatural refreshment and insight.

Some ideas

When you pray for your hour, please take time to worship God, to enjoy his goodness:

  • Reading and thinking about Psalms 46 and 91 might be appropriate.
  • If you like sung worship, why not play some worship music and songs that help you to give God praise.
  • If nature inspires you to worship God, why not print out some beautiful scenes to meditate on beforehand.
  • If you need quiet, prepare a quiet space, ready for when you start.

Take time to pray for each of the areas listed at the start of this page, thinking about what each might mean practically and pray for it.

  • Some people find it helpful to use a combination of speaking, thinking and writing for different parts of their prayer
  • Try to take a short break between sections, a pause to thank God for something, or just read a line or two from a psalm of praise.
  • It can help to break the hour up into blocks, each with a time of praise, a time of asking for things, and a time of thanks, and a short break.
  • There will be a facebook event page on which we will post more updates.

Other resources

Thanks again for praying for our nation!