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Pursuing Jesus: March 2021 Celebration

Saturday was an opportunity to explore who God made you to be and how to use the gifts he has given you more effectively to impact those around you.  On this page you can find the opening session, the seminars and the final, commissioning, session.

Andy Bruce led us in worship and Neil Townsend set the scene for our time together.


Below you can find the seminars from the morning and the commissioning closure. 

    • Jack of all trades, master of many – for those who find that their strengths are balanced between several of the giftings Jeremy and Jo Bray will explore how to handle this well 
  • Carrying revelation to the world - Michael Ivey and Dave Smith look at the prophetic and how to use well in any context. 

          • Carrying God’s Truth to the world - Nick White and Rosie Horswell will bring their insights into how the gift of teaching can work in any setting. 

        • Carrying Good News to the world - Rich Colbrook and Roger Cole will encourage the gift of evangelism, natural and supernatural! 

            • Carrying God’s aroma to the world – Andy Bruce will be exploring how we use a heart of worship to impact those around us. 

              • Carrying God’s heart to the world - D Townsend will expand on what it means to be pastor

Neil and Michael reflect upon the morning and commission us to adopt what we have learnt and reflected on into our lives.