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Getting Going in Leadership


After this session please pause and reflect on the following questions raised by the video:

  1. How do you respond when I say “God’s calling you to be a leader”
  2. Are you OK to let God change you, inside, as you do STEP?
  3. In the summary of Biblical teaching about leadership: What surprised you?  What do you want to find out more about?  What do you disagree with?  What is God challenging you about for home/work/church?
  4. How can you make time in your life to stop and listen to God about your inner character?
  5. Who is, or could, play a one-to-one mentoring role in your life?
  6. Which of these three habits, asking for help from God, a mentor or your community, are going to be the biggest challenge for you?



Please read chapters 3-5 (they're short, don't worry!) of Steve Thomas' book, Leading Today (attached below).