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2023 Jan-Feb: Week of Prayer

You may be an old hand at praying for an hour, or it may be your first go. To help you, here are some thoughts, but please do feel free to pray as God leads you. 

 Open Gate – resources and thoughts for praying for an hour 

  1.   Start with worship – play a song (e.g. Ellie Holcombe from her Canyon Album ) or read a psalm (eg. Psalm 40 or Psalm 84) 

NB: Pete Grieg has a whole spotify playlist  (over 4 hours worth!) or search spotify: Lamentations (God on mute) 

Our prayers are answered not because of our faithfulness but because of God’s faithfulness.  It’s not about how good we’ve been at praying or anything else for that matter. The God we come to is faithful and true to his nature  and he is miracle working, powerful and mighty God.  

2. Listen to where God might want to take you.  

Whether you’re praying at 9 in the morning, 4 o’ clock in the afternoon or even midnight What breakthrough does he want to see in the lives of the people we represent – families, children, neighbours, our community? There are roads to be made in the desert, roads that lead to Jesus, that bring  purpose and destiny to people’s hearts and minds and sets their hearts on a pilgrimage towards eternity; there are streams to spring up in the wasteland – where there is water there is life, there is beauty, there is joy!! Even in what appears to be desert or wasteland – God is the God of the breakthrough, He has provision for us -always, he is enough for us and he always has more for us. 

3. Speak out declarations of God’s faithfulness and love. Whether you have a past history of miraculous provision and breakthrough or whether you’re new to it all. God always has more for us.   

 24-7 resources: