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Following the Voice of God

This course is designed to help everybody who know Jesus and is filled with the Holy Spirit either to get going in hearing the voice of God and following up on what he says or to grow in that area. It is aimed typically at small groups to run over time. 

Each session aims to be 15-20 minutes long  with both some theological content, some practical tips, and an introduction to the exercise for that session. The course has 6 sessions: 

  1. Introduction: God speaks – to each of us 
  2. God is speaking: I can hear God 
  3. The heart of it: God wants to communicate his heart 
  4. What does God want to say to me 
  5. What does God want to say to others 
  6. What does God want to say to the Church 


You can find all of the resources for this course here: Following the Voice of God resources