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Leaders love their Bible


If you're doing the whole STEP course, you will have already been asked to do this, but otherwise, before watching this session please: 

  • Watch the first 4 The Bible Project videos here (20 minutes total).
  • Read 1 chapter of How to Read the Bible for All its Worth, Fee and Stuart (attached below).


Session 3 - Leaders know their Bible from Oxford Community Church on Vimeo.

 Speaker: Sanjay Mahtani, Assistant Pastor, Oxford Community Church


After this session please pause and reflect on the following questions raised by the video:

  1. Is there anything you believe about God that can’t be found in scripture (or you're not sure where it is)? 
  2. Think further about which of 4 'TUMMY' steps most naturally to you? 
    Them - what did it to mean to them? (the original hearer)
    Us - what does it mean to us, today? (modern application)
    Me - what is God saying to me? (what is the Holy Spirit highlighting?)
    My - what am I going to do about it? (obedient response)



Complete the short (exegesis) exercise looking at 1 Timothy (attached below). Discuss with your mentor if you need help.

Preparation for next sessions

Read chapter on 'Everyday Rhythms' in Jeff Vandertelt's book Saturate