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Leaders love people


If you're doing the whole STEP course, you will have already been asked to do this, but otherwise, before watching this session please: 

  • Read Radical Discipleship, a short book(let) by Martin Dunkley (attached below).


Speaker: Andrew and Georgina Clark, Oxford Community Church


After this session please:



Then, pause and reflect on the following questions:

  • What gifts, skills or abilities have you grown in because somebody has mentored or coached you in that?
  • How would you characterise your experience of pastoral care in the church to date? Has it been similar to a ‘GP and their patient’, more like a ‘Personal Trainer working with a client’, or something else?
  • Try to think of the last time that a brother or sister in Christ lovingly challenged or confronted you about an aspect of your life. Can you remember one? How did you respond at the time? Have you changed your thoughts, words or behaviour since then as a result?


Preparation for session 7

There is no preparation for session 7.