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Leaders work together


Speaker: Andy O'Connell, Oxford Community Church


After this session please pause and reflect on the following questions raised by the video:

  • From what you’ve heard so far, what is God highlighting to you about your leadership or your place in the teams you’re in?
  • From what I heard in this session, what is new to me?
  • What is God challenging in me?
  • What do I need to learn more about?



  • Complete the team roles self-assessment (this is a tool widely used in business and non-profit organisations to help people work well together in teams) (attached below)
  • Watch Patrick Lencioni speaking about the so-called Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Youtube, 35 minutes; archive copy). Lencioni is a Christian pastor and business leader, and his teaching has been found to be very helpful in many teams.


Preparation for session 8